From 26 ottobre 2018 to 3 novembre 2019 at Museo di Storia Naturale dell’Università di Pisa – Calci (Pi)

Exhibition on insects of the world, with a series of very accurate scientific and educational models up to 3 meters. 

Exhibition by Naturaliter and Ecofauna




  • Exhibition available for hire or other solutions,

  • Exhibition area: 250-500 sqm.

  • Current availability : from December 2019 onwards

  • For information write to:

Previous venues:

  • EXPO 2016 Antalya – Congress Center – Antalya – Turkey

  • Museum of Natural History of the Mediterranean – Via Roma ,Livorno

  • La Galleria – Cineplex Pontedera, Via Tosco Romagnola, 235B, 56025 Pontedera PI

Insects, due to their small size and the very few things that the general public knows about them, are often ignored or more often feared and killed. Science fiction was inspired by them to imagine terrible and threatening alien forms. Mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, bedbugs etc. haunt us every day and their miserable lives disturb us because of their smallness and dirtiness. Yet other insects amaze us with their beauty and elegance: butterflies and some spectacular beetles have always fascinated humans for their colors and the harmony of shapes. Collectors pay fortunes for them. The art and science in the insect combine perfectly in a whole that fascinates us for the colors and the fantasy of the forms but that also disturbs us for the harshness of their lives sometimes so similar to ours.Already other exhibitions on insects in the past have tried to unravel its mysteries, but only now, for the first time in Europe, it will be possible to enter their world without fear and see them directly in their splendor without the use of microscopes: exclusively, a series of very accurate scientific and educational models up to 3 meters, will allow visitors, young and old, to see our little little world with new eyes.

Some images of the exhibition at the Antalya Expo (Turkey), at the Mediterranean Museum of Livorno and the Natural History Museum of Pisa