Exhibition “Abyss, Alien land”


From November 27th 2017 to November 27th 2018 at the Cattolica Aquarium, Piazza delle Nazioni, Cattolica (Rn)

The most complete exposition on the abyssal species with hundreds of strange finds from the smallest pygmy shark of 8 cm to the giant squid of 13 meters.

Catalog of exhibition: download pdf

Presentation video

Opening link preparation of Jesolo


  • Exhibition available for hire or other solutions

  • Surface required: 300-500 square meters
  • Info on costs and availability : mail@naturaliter.com

Previous placements :

    • Mediterranean Museum (Livorno)
    • Tropicarium Park, Jesolo Lido (Venice)

    • Museum of Natural History of the University of Pisa, Calci (Pisa)

    • Chivasso Museum (Turin)

    • Capannoli Natural History Museum (Pisa)

Some pictures of the exhibition: