Traveling exhibitions

"The Omba dell'Uomo" exhibition

  • Location: 2021-2022 Museo del Mediterraneo, Livorno

Traveling exhibition on the fears of the human being in history.

Sharks - Predators of the sea

Our traveling exhibition on Sharks, set up at the Kosmos Museum in Pavia, 2020

Mythos exhibition

Our traveling exhibition on mythology, set up at the Doria Museum in Genoa 2019/2020

Dinosaurs - Land of the Giants

Traveling exhibition on dinosaurs. From 25 November 2016 to 25 June 2017 at the Giacomo Doria Natural History Museum in Genoa

Michelangelo the Divine

Our traveling exhibition "Michelangelo the Divine", inauguration in the Noreste Museum, Monterrey

Show Inferno, Dante's vision

Felines, lethal elegance

Arthropoda exhibition - MSN Pisa

Our exhibition on insects, Natural History Museum of Pisa 2019

"Incredible Bugs" exhibition

Our insect exhibition, Expo Antalya (Turkey) 2016

Show Abyss

Museum of the Miedo

Mexico City, 2013

Fear is a feeling as old as mankind, a primitive instinct that pre-exists any form of intelligence, rationality and culture. It was born with the appearance of animal life and relates to the survival instinct. In this exhibition we analyze man's fears from ancestral to modern ones, from religious and popular mythology of various cultures of the world to historical characters and events in a path full of suggestion. The representation of death, natural fears, mythological creatures, vampires, werewolves, demons and devils, magic, ghosts and witches, human torture and sacrifice: fear in all its many forms.

Transport of our "Presences" sculptures

Transport of our sculptures by helicopter: from the Green Triangle Center in Legoli (Pi) where they are installed, 2 of the 4 giant sculptures of the "Presenze" artistic installation have been transported to the theater of silence in Lajatico (Pi), where they will be the protagonists of the 2013 concert by tenor Andrea Bocelli.
Transport performed by Elyservice Toscana on behalf of Belvedere spa.
Thanks for the kind collaboration Andrea Mugnaini.

Shows Abyss Terra Aliena

Temporary exhibition "Abissi Terra Aliena"
2014: Museum of Natural History of Calci (Pi)

Presentation of the "Abissi" exhibition

Presentation of our exhibition of the Abyss, photos and footage taken in the exhibition held at the Tropicarium Park in Jesolo (Ve) - 2013

Exhibition information

Inauguration of the "Abissi" exhibition

Inauguration of our exhibition of the Abyss at the Tropicarium Park in Jesolo (Ve) - 2013

Exhibition information

Torture and Inquisition

  • Location: Freedom Tower - Miami (USA) - 2010

Exhibition realized in the Freedom Tower - Miami (USA) - 2010

Expo "Vampires and Demons"

  • Location: Tlaquepaque, Jalisco - Mexico - 2011

Tutankamon - Aztec TV

  • Location: Tutankamón, la Tumba, el Oro y la Maldición - Mexico City 2011

Tutankamon - Once Tv Mexico

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