Traveling exhibitions

Expo Dinosauri

La mostra sui dinosauri, con modelli a grandezza naturale, sia statici che animatronici, scheletri, fossili e giochi, conduce i visitatori in un viaggio paleontologico che affascina grandi e bambini.

Attualmente aperta presso il River Park d Pontedera (Pi)

Sharks - Predators of the sea

The exhibition "Sharks: predators of the sea", an engaging journey to discover the world of sharks up close. More than 30 specimens to touch, from the great white shark to the smallest one, the pygmy shark.

Video: exhibition at the Kosmos Museum in Pavia, 2020

Mythos - Fantastic creatures

Large traveling exhibition on mythological creatures, with dozens of life-size realistic models with which visitors can retrace the history of mythology, guided by videos with narrative actors and immersive projections.

Video: exhibition at the Doria Museum in Genoa 2019/2020

Vodafone commercial shot inside the exhibition

The Shadow of Man

"The Shadow of Man: fear begets monsters"

An exhibition dedicated to the deepest fears of collective and individual existence.


Michelangelo the Divine

Large traveling exhibition with the world's most complete collection of life-size replicas of Michelangelo Buonarroti's statues, along with a series of paintings and drawings, and a replica of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. These are works that would require days of travel, visiting something like a dozen museums around the world, but here gathered in a single, unmissable exhibition, to get to know the Michelangelo painter, architect and sculptor.

Show Inferno, Dante's vision

Immersive exhibition in which the visitor can ideally retrace some stages of the otherworldly journey of Dante and Virgil in the circles of Hell. Together with Charon, ferryman of souls in Hades, of the Furies and of the Harpies, the visitor encounters mythological creatures, animals belonging to medieval bestiaries and some historical characters.

Felines, lethal elegance

“Felini, lethal elegance”, is an exhibition on the felines of the world. With naturalized animals, models, panels, interactive stations and multimedia projections. The visit allows you to discover the biodiversity of this fascinating group of carnivorous mammals and admire their extraordinary anatomical characteristics, learn about their vulnerabilities and the species in serious danger of extinction.

Abissi, Terra Aliena

La più completa esposizione sulle specie abissali con centinaia di stranissimi reperti dal più piccolo squalo pigmeo di 8 cm al calamaro gigante di 13 metri.

Catalogo dell’esposizione: download pdf

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