Expo "Tutankamon - The tomb, the gold and the curse", from March 23, 2018 at the Public Library of the Estado de Jalisco "Juan José Arreola", Guadalajara, Mexico


Exhibition "Michelangelo, the Divine", from 7th March to 30th June at the Town Hall - San Luis Potosì - Mexico

Exhibition “Abyss, …

The most complete exposition on the abyssal species with hundreds of very strange finds from the smallest pygmy shark of 8 cm to the giant squid of 13 meters.


Mostra sugli insetti del mondo, con una serie di accuratissimi modelli scientifici e didattici grandi fino a 3 metri.


Faithful reproduction of nature and characters

The Naturaliter is a company specialized in the faithful reproduction of animals, natural elements and characters of all kinds and ages with the taxidermy method. Taxidermy is the modern evolution of the ancient technique of embalming. The process consists in using almost exclusively the skin of the specimen, which is tanned and mounted on a sculpture-like dummy which faithfully reproduces the subcutaneous anatomy. Legs and part of the skull are used in the skeleton. It is important to know that all the specimens that we treat and prepare taxidically have died due to natural causes as they come from zoological gardens, natural parks, recovery centers.


Team Naturaliter

About us

La Naturaliter è un’azienda leader nel settore degli allestimenti museali di ogni genere.

Servizio sul Tirreno, quotidiano regionale

The giants of the Earth

Press review: At Lajatico "Presenze", the group's last work specializing in resin installations....